Tekijänoikeudet / Copyrights

Kaiken sivuston sisällön oikeudet pidätettään, ellei toisin mainita / all rights reserved if not otherwise mentioned Ⓒ Helmi Hytti

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Sivuston ulkoasun tekijä / template design: Digitoimisto Katica

Etusivun piirroskuvan tekijä / front page drawing: Helmi Hytti


In English: Please respect the copyrights!

First, it would be polite to ask permission to share the photos. I don’t bite. I would just be happy to know where my photos are being used!

You are allowed to

…share the links of my blogposts – that you really are allowed to do.
…pin my photos to Pinterest – as long as it is linked to my blog.
..share one (1) photo of one blog post in you own blog post or social media post – but this comes with the terms:

In order to share my photo in you own blog post or social media:

– Right before of after the photo, do mention the name of my blog or me, for example: ”Photo (c) Helmi Hytti”
– Include a link back to the post where you took the photo from. If you want to share my photo in instagram, be sure to tag me both photo and the caption below it @helmihytti

In any case you are NOT allowed ro

…remove my water marks,
…edit my photos,
…share them as your own,
…use my photos in commercial use.

If you do not know, are you allowed to do something with my photos or not, please ask. You can email me helmi(a)hytti.fi

If you want to use my photos without mentioning who owns them, without linking them back here, or if without my water mark in them, you need to buy your right to do so. I’m a photographer-blogger-entrepreneur, and I can make a deal with you. And I can send you a bill.

If you notice that my photos are used somewhere without mentioning the me as an author or without a link back here or something like that, please send me a message. Thank you!